Children are the future and the hope of our planet. But many of them live in conditions that can barely be conceived in our Western industrialised nations. Having enough to eat, clean water, access to education are just pipe dreams in many places. However, it is not only children in the developing countries who suffer – here in Germany, child poverty is increasing, as has been shown in countless studies. The costs of sports and music lessons and extra tuition, or hot meals in the school canteen are beyond the budget of many families. But only children who have eaten enough can learn. Only those who have learnt something can successfully deal with the challenges of life.

We founded the charitable BOSSELER & ABEKING CHILDREN´S FOUNDATION to provide lasting help for children in poverty or need. We want to support children who have no prospect of a secure existence – until they are able to take control of their own lives themselves.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all our customers, employees and partners who support us in this work.