The purpose of our foundation

(1) The purpose of the Foundation is to specifically help needy children and adolescents, regardless of nationality, social status or religion. In addition to this the Foundation pursues the following aims:

a. improving the living conditions of children and adolescents,
b. improving the medical care of children and adolescents,
c. improving the life of children and adolescents in developing nations,
d. improving educational and training offers for children and adolescents.

The Foundation acts selflessly and pursues solely and directly charitable purposes.

(2) The charitable purpose of the foundation is especially realised by
a. financial support from aid programmes for needy children and adolescents such as the support of the relief organisation Plan International for example,
b. direct financial support of children, adolescents and their families, who are dependent on help and support due to their mental, physical or financial situation.

(3) The charitable purpose of the foundation is especially realised by the financial support of
a. Relief projects for children (e.g. children’s homes, advice centres, outpatient and inpatient projects for child care)),
b. Health projects for children and adolescents (e.g. relief services for children and adolescents whose parents are addicted, children’s wards in hospitals or rehabilitation centres),
c. Relief services which help to improve the situation of children, adolescents and their families in developing nations and ensure their existence,
d. Educational offers such as schools for children and training offers for adolescents.

(4) In Germany those institutions are sponsored which are themselves acknowledged as charitable.
Where the sponsorship of charitable projects abroad is concerned, the foundation uses assistants.

We are very critical in checking the projects: could it be that a project is possibly over financed? Has the child aid been professionally substantiated? What about the concept, the qualification as well as the motivation of those who work with the children? How much financial aid actually reaches the children?

This assures us in supporting a very useful project.